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Keilah's Story  


Keilah is a family owned Property Trading as Keilah PTY LTD. Situated in Southern Queensland outside Stanthorpe. Keilah was a wool property but switched to Dorpers 10 years ago with success. Always a little dissatisfied with their growth (from 35 kgs to 45kgs), we trialled the Australian Whites 4 years ago and were amazed at their vigorous growth and hardiness and Keilah has never looked back! 


The Australian Whites Story @ Keilah

We decided at Keilah to go all the way with the Australian Whites. We found it difficult to find stud Ewes and were fortunate enough to acquire 40 pure bred stud ewes from the dispersal sale at "Castlereagh" stud (pure Tattykeel sheep). We then purchased 2 sires from Tattykeel and 1 ram lamb from Castlereagh. This then led to our first Embryo program which produced us 50 ewes lambs , which are now lambing at 12 months of age with no problems. These amazing, hardy, fast growing sheep have suited the Keilah property well.



Whites Are Amazing Sheep

Whites truely are amazing sheep. They display attributes that make them a great breed with little going against them.

They have:

  • unsurpassed growth rate

  • excellent natural mothering ability

  • quick reproductive maturity

  • natural restocking/replenishing

  • respect for fencing

  • tough hardy browsers

  • full and meaty carcasses



Australian Whites Lead the Pack

Their meat yield and quality for health benefits cannot be challenged by any other breed. Never has a breed of sheep promoted themselves with more merit. The Keilah Australian Whites provide a hearty meat carcass with 'wagyu' style meat that is full of flavour and impressive taste quality.


Keilah Photo Gallery


Click on the images below to view Keilah's flock as a large slide:


Auction Information

We are proud to announce the second Keilah's Austalian Whites auction in conjunction with 'Springdale' Australian Whites on the back of a very successful first auction on 
Friday 6th September 2019 at
1:00pm at the
Stanthorpe Showgrounds
High Street Stanthrope
Qld 4380
Keilah Stud Number 84
Brucellosis Accredited

Tattykeel Rams

Tattykeel Rams Lot 70 - #1610373


Sire #15081


Dame #14810

Tattykeel Ram

Tattykeel Rams Lot - 69 #1610373


Highest Growth Rate August Drop Ram

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Sire #15081


Used Heavily in Stud 1st June Drop Sydeny Royal Show

Ray White Warwick

 For Auction details and purchasing information contact David Friend on 0477 511 296.

Keilah Auctions

If you are interested in viewing our stock or making a purchase please contact Murray from Keilah on

07 4652 4167

For Auction details and purchasing information contact
George McVeigh on 0459 441 606 or 
Jim Ross on
0437 982 233

Keilah Contact Info


If you have any enquiries about the Keilah Australian Whites or would like to make purchasing arrangements please contact:



"Keilah Pty Ltd"

  Inglewood Qld 4387

PH:  0746524167

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